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Updated: Mar 5

Even though we entered the new year still in lockdown; I was still able to try and keep myself busy through various events and activities.

It was my mid year retreat last month and that was so much fun. The intention was meant to be a break from our gap year and just to spend time with one another, pray for each other and have fun. My favourite part of the mid year retreat was when they assigned us in groups of 3 and we went on a walk to reflect on how our gap year is going and just really try and be in God's presence. It was great just to be able to talk with one another and just share our burdens and made me really enjoy walking and just seeing God's creations in the beautiful sunny weather.

I also loved our mini zoom lunch where we were giving a £15 just eat voucher to order whatever we wanted ( I had McDonalds- you can never go wrong with a sweet chilli chicken wrap meal with chips and strawberry milkshake from Maccies!) We played some really fun games and had a talent show which was hilarious! The mid - year retreat just made me thankful and grateful to God for putting me on the gap year to meet these amazing people and for you lovely people reading this blog who donated to help support me on my gap year.

Other than my gap year, me and Eleanor have still been continuing our youth club activities and even better I have learnt some new fantasy games from Jude called Dungeons and Dragons which has been really fun being on an adventure in a mystical world. Also, we have still been doing the activity packs for the children and taking it in turns to make YouTube videos for the church in the new month for Lent.

God is still working in us and we are still being able to share the gospel even in a pandemic. As the book of the Psalms says "God is good."

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