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October was the month that really kicked off my gap year and the photos above are my favourite moments of the month that I did on my gap year! l will be explaining my highlights through the photos.

Photo 1&2

This is our hub training that we do monthly. I absolutely loved it, it was so nice to see everyone and be a part of hearing some amazing sessions about how we should not live in fear and how we should share our testimony of coming to Christ.



My highlight of the hub training was when I won an umbrella hat on bingo night as you can see in Photo 2. I never win anything so for me to win and it was on a bingo quiz. That made my day!

Photo 3&4

This month at Bulwell URC we celebrated harvest. We had food donated from members of the church and the public to go to the food bank. Me and Eleanor donated by going to Aldi and seeing how much food we can get for £30 between us and we got ALOT of food! If anyone hasn't shopped in Aldi I highly recommend you should shop there, it is the shop to go to for good food for a great price. I feel like I'm doing a promo for Aldi; this blog is not sponsored by Aldi! Back to the blog, me and Eleanor donated the food from the church to the friary in West Bridgford. It was great to see so many people supporting a great cause and this is what harvest is all about- love, giving back to the community and being grateful for what we have.

Photo 5&6

I did a talk about the parable of the sower to the church. It was so nerve-wracking speaking in front of the whole church but it was a good experience and I learned about how much prep and planning goes into a Sunday service. We also delivered blessings bags to the teachers at Heathfield primary school to thank them for their hard work fire these past couple of months!

This month has been hectic but exciting and I'm just grateful for God guiding me this month and kept me safe and busy in a pandemic.
Now there is going to be a second lockdown; I pray everyone will be safe and healthy. Please look after your mental health.

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